Engineering Design


We are experienced in design and redesign of distribution services and utilities for your new or old project. Rite Choice’s resume ranges from small single occupancy residential buildings to large residential and commercial projects with over 100 units.


We use client supplied legal drawings and build upon them to create project plans and as-builts compatible with survey tools and GPS machine controlled equipment.


These digital project files allow for the use of computer optimization of cut/ fill ratios and utility runs to minimize waste and maximize reliability.


Our company uses ground based GPS survey equipment, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones), and mobile LiDAR systems to produce incredibly detailed maps of sites and as-built drawings. This equipment is used to align and produce as-built drawings for utilities, roadways, and buildings to a precision of ±0.05m.


Rite Choice also has the equipment to conduct surveys to locate existing underground utilities that are buried on site.

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